Homeschool on the Road – Traveling and Teaching


While doing homeschool on the road we had to make a few adjustments. How to teach technology? We don’t have our desks. There’s a few things we did to modify for homeschool on the road.

Homeschool on the Road

Homeschool Material

Homeschool - packing
Packing Homeschool Stuff

First, we put our supplies in plastic bins. It’s easy to pack and move around. In the future, I’d probably tear out the pages we need in certain workbooks.

In the curriculum books I’d take pictures of each page we’d need. I probably wouldn’t put them in my iOS photo album, I’d make a document out of them or similar to keep it separate.

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We use tables at home so there was no direct issue there. However, tables in hotel rooms are not the same. If nothing else, it’s close quarters for our students.

Homeschool - Pigeon Forge
Homeschool – Pigeon Forge, TN

Hotel lobbies are ok, but there can be some distractions. We had to change rooms in Pigeon Forge so we were out of our room for a bit. We started homeschooling in the lobby and strangely our room became ready pretty quick. 🙂 Not sure if they were being nice or wanted

us out of there.

Houses have a better setup – usually a dining room table and kitchen table.

We have more pics of where we setup in our pics.

Here’s our pics


At home we user our TV to hook up to an iPad. We user various apps for some subjects. In hotels and houses they all had the same ability as necessary to hook up an HDMI cable from the iPhone to a TV.

Here’s some apps we use:

Other than the above, homeschool on the road was fairly normal.


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