Homeschool While Traveling – Picture Gallery


Here’s a bunch of pics of our trip and how we homeschool while traveling. As you can see we crossed a lot of state lines (17 states) but didn’t get them all in pics. Also, many sites (not all here) were just drive-by’s: Graceland and such. Unfortunate, but we can’t do it all.

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Homeschool While Traveling

We took a bunch of pics – many are pretty random… which means you’ll get a good impression of the trip. The map isn’t exact, but it gives you an idea.

Much of the drive was similar to other places – we kept saying “Are we in New York or North Carolina or Mississippi or Tennessee?” There’s differences, but it was more interesting how similar it all was (at least on the road).

You can see good pics of these things online… but here are our pics… 🙂

I picked these partially to show how it was in reality – as opposed to showing all smiles and perfection… which isn’t real life… 🙂

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