P90X3 Nutritional Quiz, Calorie Plan and Nutrition Guide

p90x3nutritionquizI created a simple spread sheet to calculate my P90X3 calorie limit and meal plans. You can view it here: P90X3 Nutritional Quiz, Calories and Meal Plan.

From there, I created a spreadsheet for food and meals w/ various sheets (see the bottom for the tabs). There’s 3 tabs:

  • Meals – sample, easy meals for the Plan C
  • Likely – these are food items I’m ‘Likely’ to actually have in the house
  • Most – this is a paired down list of the P90X3 Nutritional Guide services (it’s not all, but it’s more than the ‘Likely’ list)

    Spreadsheet Tabs
    Spreadsheet Tabs

From the ‘Likely’ list I made the ‘Meals’ tab of sample meals for the various amounts of Proteins, Carbs and Fats for the given meal/snack.

I thought I’d post this for anyone trying to get a better handle on what they need to eat. As you can see, I’m Plan C so the meals are portioned for that. But you can get a good sense of the structure of it and vary it as necessary.

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