Maintaining Six-Pack Abs – Is it worth it?

cost of getting leanWhen I decided to get in shape, that was one thing. Then I wanted to get in really great shape, was it worth it?

I saw this infographic today and knew this was the same thing I was talking about. They didn’t state it as “maintaining six-pack abs”, but you know what they’re saying.

I wanted to go somewhat extreme and see what it takes to get in really great shape: low body-fat, muscles defined, six-pack abs. What would it take as far as diet, exercise, time and over all discipline and cost.

Maintaining Six-Pack Abs

It was clear pretty early that the answer was no. The time and diet were the main factors. The cost was the next – the amount and types of food I had to get were expensive. Also, it was a lot of effort both in time and energy but also mental and emotional discipline.

maintaining six-pack absBut I wanted to know that from experience. I’ve done other experiments before: going vegetarian, sleeping 5 hours per night for years, etc. They all have pros and cons.

Maintaining six-pack abs was not worth the cost. I like burgers. I like beer and wine. I try not to indulge in anything “too” much, but to maintain what I had pretty much meant those things would be schedule annually.

Of course, I could workout MORE and maybe have those things, but again, it’s all part of the cost.

I liked. A lot. But it wasn’t something that I was going to maintain longterm with really any other interests in my life. I’m not saying “I couldn’t” – I decide it wasn’t worth it.

Homemade Shakeology
Fitness: Homemade Shakeology Recipe


I picked the things that are worth it in all the areas of diet and exercise and maintain a great level of overall health in the most beneficial ways. Diet is 80% of everything and I use my own shake recipe for help maintaining six-pack abs.

My six-pack abs aren’t what they were, but for the amount of effort, I prefer what I’m doing now.


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