Another Day, Another Drive… and Coffee

I’ve been driving more than usual this week. Nothing crazy, but some weeks it seems I won’t leave the house for a few days and this week I’ve gone somewhere every day. It’s not a complaint – just making a really fascinating observation. Did it blow your mind?

Before it all started, there was a wreck at the front of our neighborhood. They’re doing construction and it’s the only way in and out right now so we were actually trapped in our neighborhood for a couple hours or so.

Flipped Car
Flipped Car


I believe everyone was ok, but there were a lot of stories of people just parking on the street and walking home. A couple neighbors did that after sitting for a while so close but so far away.

I was also able to workout in the morning. I had my quiet time in 1 Corinthians and I may have played some guitar in there using

Another Drive

Before my drive, my lunch was cottage cheese, strawberries, granola and some agave nectar. This is only interesting because I think when I was 11 I took a blood oath to never eat cottage cheese. Now I really like it!

cottage cheese

I had the same thing for a night snack too!

I guess the moral of the story is… people change? Don’t make blood oaths until you’re 14? I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader.

My last drive today was better than the day before. No traffic and I got to see the Texas Motor Speedway and Alliance airport.


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Both ways on my drive I was able to go down one of my favorite pieces of road in Texas. Unfortunately I’m seeing the signs that this area may be built up and who knows how long this road has before it’s widened (and the trees cut down).

texas road - another driveMore shots including Goatman’s Bridge

I did have coffee, but didn’t take a pic. Pretend.

Dinner had a couple great features…

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The evening was left to work on a Halloween costume of Steve from Minecraft.

First you create a bucket out of a whey protein tub and dye pants purple.

purple dye

Gather some white/light clothes for tie-dying after with the leftover dye. Pictures coming.

Then print out Steve head images and glue them on a box…

Make neck cuts for comfort and eye holes for vision. Also punch holes and tie a rubber band in the back to hold on the Amazon box, er… head mask. 🙂

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