Client Site Visit in Dallas – Traffic, OfficeSpace and Trees

I was asked to go to a client site yesterday. I had done some work on the project (an iOS app) and the other devs couldn’t make it. I don’t like driving to Dallas, but this was really just in Irving and wouldn’t be a bad drive.

Client Site

I dropped the kids off at school on the way. I didn’t drive the Jeep so it was a smooth ride to the client site. So smooth that I took some pics. Do you think anyone really takes this advice?

client site driveIn general, I think signs with statements like this are a waste. People aren’t going to suddenly change their outlook on how they drive or be self-convicted of not driving friendly based on this sign.

Maybe that’s being jaded???

I saw some buildings at a distance and thought this one was particularly depressing…


Guess which one was the client site… yep!

client site

I got to see a couple of interesting vehicles on the way…

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The view from the client site office was pretty nice…

office view

The client site office area itself was pretty much like the movie Office Space

pc load letter
PC Load Letter

I’m sure they can take a little criticism…

white board
Little “Criticism”


You probably can’t read that, but it says “criticism” very small… see what I did? “Little” criticism.

I messed up a pano shot of the break room that turned out pretty cool…



It was a decent day on the client site, but EXTREMELY cold. The drive wasn’t bad at all really though I was encouraged to do what I can to stay freelance.

The evening was nice too. The boys climbed the recently trimmed tree and played in the yard. We goofed off while my wife led a yoga class at the gym.

tree climbing

After we put them to bed, I had a late dinner: chicken sandwich with a side of chicken. I’m a fan of meat. It reminds me of “chicken water” from Arrested Development. I couldn’t find that, but I found this one.

chicken w/ chicken
Chicken w/ chicken


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