Prevent Guitar Dehydration: 2 Products to Prevent

I had no idea I needed to prevent guitar dehydration until I took my guitar in to be setup. He recommended a slightly high action for fingerstyle as well as light strings. But he also noticed my fret ends were poking out due to dehydration.

Prevent Guitar Dehydration

He filed them down which is fine though I never like the idea of intentionally losing something. It felt a bit wrong since they were made at the right length.

Regardless, it happens and it can be bad. You may need to get your neck repaired if there’s significant damage.

Based on this experience I bought two products to prevent this going forward.

Humidity Monitor

The AcuRite Indoor Humidity Monitor (hygrometer) does a fine job of telling me the relative humidity. If it gets below 45 or above 65, I put my guitar in the case.

Prevent Guitar Dehydration
Humanity Monitor

A case is a great way to help because it insulates the guitar from sudden changes in temperature and humidity.

However, it isn’t a complete solution. While in the case it can still get dehydrated. So you need something in the case to help out.

D’Addario Two-Way Humidification System

This system is “two-way” as it says. If it’s in a dry environment, it will release moisture into the air to the proper level. But if it’s humid, it will absorb moisture.

Prevent Guitar Dehydration
D’Addario Two-Way Humidification System

I keep mine in the case (the pack by the body in the area of the cutout of my guitar so it’s easy to take in and out) with the lid closed. If I left the lid open, it might try to adjust the whole room or house and wear out fast.

You can also slide it into the sound hole.

Prevent Guitar Dehydration
D’Addario Two-Way Humidification System (in sound hole)

There’s other systems and I’d love to hear your experience with any and all. Thanks!

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