January 3: Genesis – Flood

Today’s reading was all about the flood. As w/ all passages, many things invoke thought but what struck me today is how God used "natural" means to do it all.

I was on a flight the other day and it was CRAZY turbulent. Bumpiest flight I’d ever been on. The lady is front of me was crying pretty bad.

I was praying and thought about how God can calm the winds and the waves. How Jesus slept during the storm and wondered about His followers’ faith.

I knew He could stop it but He didn’t. I tried to focus on Him and not the situation. He could stop it… that’s all I should need. Knowing who is in control is more than it being controller (by my standard).

So God could have destroyed all life w/ a snap of the fingers. Or He could have flooded the world but made a little safe haven bubble for Noah and his family. He could have done it all like a scifi movie.

But instead He used rain. And He used a man to build the Ark to save them. He miraculously called/controlled the animals, but otherwise He used "normal" means. Why?

Maybe the point is more important than the reason. He uses normal means within the miraculous. That includes us. He uses us in miracles.

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