Booples Milestone – Burning the Ships

unknownI haven’t done any real work on Booples in a few years and my hard-drive was getting full. Unlike one school of thought (i.e., get a bigger hard drive), I strive to keep my data needs as low as I can. Harddrives are like closets – you’ll just fill up whatever you have.

Time to Say Goodbye to Booples

So today I deleted a bunch of Booples files. It was mostly the DVD creation files and a lot of animation related files. I kept the videos, songs and a lot of images.

But I don’t even have the animation software I used anymore.


I plan on leaving the website up indefinitely and all of the videos are on YouTube. So the content should be around for anyone to watch, but it marks a milestone: I admit I’m not doing anymore.

Apple is cleaning up the App Store and removing apps that haven’t been updated in a long time. I got a notice in the last day or two that the Booples soundboard was one of them. I also have an app that sells Booples videos – I don’t even know if it’s still up.

imagesThat might have also be an instigator to removing the old files.

Like any good hoarder or OCD victim, I actually still have the files backed up on an external drive, but if I don’t regret deleting these files before long, those will be probably be on the chopping block soon too.

Obviously, Booples was a big deal to me and working on it was fulfilling in many ways (and disappointing in some). I still meet people that watched it as kids (or with their kids). Some people will quote it or sing the songs too. It’s great to think that God used it in some lives.

I feel like I’ve closed that chapter many times now but keep leaving writing epilogues – I want to have closure but not obliterate it. Not sure how to do that well. 🙂

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