P90X3 Triometrics – Tony Horton’s Shoes

Asics Gel-Fortius
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I was doing Triometrics today and was trying to figure out what shoes Tony was wearing.

I couldn’t find them, but I think it’s the Asics GEL-Fortius or the GEL-Craze (below).

He wears the GEL-Fortius in MMX. He’s definitely a fan of Asics.

I know he wears the Asics GEL-Craze in Total Synergistics and there’s a pair w/ similar colorings to the ones he has in Triometrics.

Asics Gel-Craze – my fav

I have the GEL-Craze and LOVE them – so light, comfortable and they breath really well.

Also, there’s the GEL-Fortius that has a similar coloring – it’s close so maybe they’ve just changed the model a bit.

In Agility X, he wears the Gel-Plexus.

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