My Current Workout

dumb-bells2-986735-mThis month, the month after P90X3, I’m taking it a bit… not easy… simpler.

I do 1 muscle group per day: bicep, tricep, chest, back, abs, shoulders, legs. Then I do the elliptical for 30-60 mins.

For the muscle group (which works out to be each group once per week), I do heavy weight for about 12-16 reps – until I can’t really do anymore w/ good form. Then I rest for about a minute.

I repeat that until I can’t do more than 8 reps (usually about 2-3 sets). Then I go down in weight and do it again.

I do a total of about 10 sets which takes about 15 mins. It’s similar to a strip set.

The idea is that it’s a good breakdown of the muscle, but also a bit more ‘active.’ Overall, it’s just fairly simple.


I’ve kept my diet about the same:

  • protein+water, coffee
  • protein, shake after workout
  • veg/protein lunch
  • green tea in the afternoon
  • reasonable dinner (salad or similar)

At least, that’s the intention. 🙂

I’m using ON Amino Energy before my workout, but not really any other supplements.


Maintain, loose some fat and keep it low-key.

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