Running – Fitness Based on Time (not fun)


This Summer, as we considered how this Fall would go homeschooling, I decided how my schedule would look for the most part. Running was going to be the workout because…


  1. I could get a good workout in pretty quickly (if painfully)
  2. I still didn’t need to drive anywhere, buy equipment, etc. – ease, accessible
  3. Outside (which I don’t like) so I “get away”

running shoes - newton pop2I needed it to be a quick workout because of our schedule. Running always seems to work well for that… if I try. If phone it in… well anything can be a bad workout if you don’t try.

I wanted to make sure I had good form so that I could maintain it over time too. I got new
shoes: Newton Pop2 – they have “lugs” on the bottom and a low-ish profile both to encourage a mid-foot strike.

And good socks.

I don’t have to drive to a gym or track so it’s easy for me to walk out the door and be running w/in a couple minutes (I stretch for a few mins first). Besides shoes, which I’d need in some form for most exercise, I didn’t need to buy anything.

I’ve drooled over various GPS gadgets despite knowing I’d sweat all over them. But have thus far resisted.

running timerI use a kitchen timer to time myself. It’s not on my wrist, but that’s got pros and cons. I marked out my route w/ my iPhone the first time to know where each .5 mile point is. Since then, I just use the timer. I look at it at each mile and see how I’m doing.

It’s the same timer I used to use in the plane. Also, I can tell when it’s time to flip the steak – at about half a mile if I’m pushing myself hard that day.

Since I don’t look at it often, I don’t obsess over the time. Usually I run a bit faster than I think so it has a good effect which is probably a reflection of my uptight personality.

Hiking in the mountains this Summer gave me a realization of how much I enjoy the solitude and time to think. So even though in the past I’d listen to music while walking or running, I’m not now. I find it very therapeutic. It helps me think through my thought (singular) or thoughts for sermons.

Also, as opposed to working out in the house, there are no distractions. I like my kids jumping on my back while doing pushups as much as the next guy, but it’s nice to not have it.

My goals are leveled like any kid raised on video games.

  1. Run w/o stopping for 30 minutes
  2. Run 3 miles w/in that 30 minutes
  3. Go farther than previously
  4. Go 3.5 miles in 30 minutes

1 and 2 are usually pretty easy. I think only once have I walked during my run and once have I not made it 3 miles. Actually the time I walked was my fastest time to run 30 minutes… wait, that’s illogical. It was the time I ran the farthest despite walking some. I just ran pretty fast (for me) when I was running.

It varies if I go farther. Certainly not each time. I think the farthest I’ve gone in 30 minutes was 3.4 miles. I’ll take it!running headband

But the idea is that it’s based on time so I’m always done in about 40-45 mins w/ stretching before and walking a bit after. Then it’s time for my shake.

I also bought a headband… I’m a sweater… not like a knit sweater but “one who sweats… a lot.”

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