Summer 2015 – Month in the ‘Boat lead up to Homeschooling

Summer 2015 - the boatLots of thoughts and lessons while in the ‘boat this Summer. Here’s some highlights from Summer 2015…

Summer 2015

Alone time – I get a lot out of just having some time to think. I know a lot of people are like this and I used to think I was one. Over time I started to doubt that, but the hikes on this last trip/month showed me how much I enjoy them.

Todo: With a tight schedule coming up with homeschooling, my intention is to start running regularly. 3-4 times per week likely. 30 mins per run. My hope/thought is that I’ll be able to run faster over time (and therefore farther) but base it on time.

Simplify – I usually don’t miss much from home (besides people) when we travel and it makes me wonder if I really need all the ‘stuff’ I have. Granted there’s a TV there and dishes, etc. so I’m not going to just get rid of everything. Also, there’s things we need here we don’t need when traveling (e.g., tools, lawn equipment, etc.). So how can I simplify?

But also some things I do probably take more time and mindshare than they’re worth. Mowing the lawn is a big one – I often have to mow the lawn in the middle of the week because it’s starting to get long and it’s going to rain this weekend and Friday I have to meet a client, etc.

I wind up organizing my week around mowing the lawn!

Todo: For the rest of 2015 (as much as necessary) have a service mow the lawn. Done.

Summer 2015 - hike

Fall Work Balance – I wanted to take up Android development to be able to serve client on both iOS and Android  platforms. I looked into it at and did the whole first lesson series on Android. It went well, but ultimately I determined a) keeping up w/ iOS AND Android would be rough and b) ultimately it’s not a good time to take on such a variable with my current and expected workload.

Todo: Find a good go-to Android solution (i.e., local dev or company) to use as either referrals or sub-contracting. I have some leads. Trust God led me in this conviction and that He’ll take care of us. 🙂

Ministry – I tSummer 2015 - sunsetypically get pretty fired up for a new project when in the mountains. While I wanted to be that way this year for the excitement, I also wanted to avoid it because a) I’ve got a lot on my plate (“ain’t no body got time for that”) and b) (see a).

However, I did want to, in general, steer my mind, heart and soul into pouring into ministry. I thought about it some and ran through some of the common “programs” and such churches tend to have. They all sounded a felt great, but when I considered teaching (i.e., pulpit), that’s when the fire burned high.

I wrote our lead pastor about teaching more (past teachings – search for Bear) and he was fired up. He responds so well to things like that. His words in regard to my heart on this was something along the lines of “This is the Holy Spirit moving and we need to pay attention.” I love it.

Todo: Discuss dates of when to teach. I have a topic in mind already.

There’s a lot more to the trip form what we got to do, meals, great times with friends and more, but those are a few of my take-away thoughts on life in a broader sense.

I had a great time with my family (and friends from there and other places) as well as meeting new people and new experiences (this was the first year we went to the rodeo).

Hopefully, I’ll bring some back with me. You can’t bring back the lack of responsibility/obligation, you can’t bring back the mountain, river, creeks, views or the weather. But you can bring back the serenity, peace and joy and hopefully share it.

I saw a hotel sign the other day that said…

Travel Light. Live light. Spread light.

I think it’s some yogi that said it, but Matthew 5 says we are the light of the world. I’ll interpreted it with that spirit.

As I think/live more, I want to live lighter (fewer things weighing me down – in general: possessions, obligations – just junk) and I certainly want to travel more (in the works). But also I want to be light more – I want to focus on ministry more.

The phrase that I always try to keep in mind is – don’t succeed at the wrong things. It’s so easy to get caught up in the mechanics of life: work, bills, etc. I don’t want to succeed in the wrong things. I want my priorities to be right.

I’m still working it out and always will be. My pastor often says you get more ministry out of people than buildings. You get more life out of people than possessions.


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