P90X3 Review and Results

p90x3I did P90X (multiple times) a few years ago and got great results. I lost weight, gained muscle and flexibility, felt better and generally improved my fitness. So I wanted to review my thoughts on P90X3 there…

While it wasn’t too tough to maintain after P90X, it has been tough to improve on that. I know HOW to do it, but priorities/time/etc. get in the way.

P90X3 helps by making the workouts shorter. I’m all for that. I did a lot of research on HIT including “Body by Science” by Doug McGuff which I think makes a lot of sense and I know shorter workouts can be great. Intensity is key.

P90X3 combines moves and makes the workout more intense overall to get the same ‘amount of workout’ in less time.

I think P90X3 is great! I think it’s a great system to help you lose weight, gain muscle and become more agile and flexible. A HUGE factor is the diet. Just recently I read something from Tony Horton that said (paraphrase) “If you’re not following the diet, you’re not doing P90X3.” I agree.

However, I feel the focus of P90X3 is more on agility than muscle/strength. P90X has more weight-based workouts: 3/week. Plus, 2 cardio and 1 yoga. P90X3 basically has 3 agility/cardio, 1 weight, 1 mixed and 1 flexibility (yoga, Pilates). That’s how I break it down.

I think the mentality is that if you lose weight and even tone up a little bit, you’ll see the muscle and see the results. Again, diet is key.

Here’s my take-away/review points about P90X3:

  • You get out of it what you put in.
  • Diet is KEY (some help: easy meals, shakes, nutrition form).
  • It’s more cardio/agility than anything else – get ready to jump around the living room
  • If you’re in shape, it is a great way to maintain.
  • It’s more fun than most workouts/programs.

Again, it’s really more about diet. If you want lose weight, it’s a lot ‘easier’ to eat fewer calories, than to burn that number of calories. A banana has around 100 calories in it. And that’s healthy! What’s easier, running for 7.5 minutes (10 min/mile pace) or not eat a banana? You can’t go to extremes, but you see my point. Plus, it’s about what you eat, etc.

So definitely DO P90X3 but more so FOLLOW THE DIET!!!

I’m a big fan b/c it’s varied, thorough, fun, short, good, tough (but reasonable), etc. – it’s great b/c it’s well-rounded. If you push yourself even modest amount, you’ll get toned (if you aren’t) and stronger, but the diet is what will really make you lose weight and be able to see those toned muscles and look good.

For my results in P90X3, I lost 5 lbs (from 170 to 165) and I didn’t have too much to lose. I gained in flexibility and agility some – probably maintained in strength.

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