Workout: Pull

dumb-bells2-986735-mI recently posted about my new workout intentions. I think I might vary it a bit and combine some muscle groups. I’d still aim to workout each muscle group once every 2 weeks, but combined with others.

So today was a “Pull” workout: pull from above (pull-ups, chin-ups, etc.), pull from front (rows, bentover rows, etc.) and pull from below (curls and such)…

20 reps each… (ro = resistance only, lower = lower part of the movement)

Pull ups – ro
Bent over rows 15 lbs
Curls 20 lbs
Chin ups – lower, ro
Bent over rows 10 lbs
Cross over curls 15 lbs
Chin ups – lower, ro
Rows 10 lbs
Hammer curls 15 lbs
Pull ups ro
Curls 15 lbs
Chin ups – lower, ro
Bo rows 10 lbs
Curls 15 lbs

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