Project Kratos: Day 4 Workout

k4I went ahead and did my Kratos day 4 workout today. I let 6 days pass btwn my previous two workouts hoping to get a really good recovery period and then hit it hard. My previous workout (day 2) didn’t feel that good and I wondered if I hadn’t recovered enough.

But I really wanted to push myself today so I decided to test my theory in reverse and workout sooner. I wasn’t sore from my previous workout so most indications I could think of seemed ok to go ahead.

My reps were comparable but I felt it was a better workout (although I will say it’s hard to compare – today’s felt really good and hard, but so did the last one at the time). Either way, it felt like I got a really good workout.

I feel like my form is getting better as is my ability to focus on the given muscle groups involved and engage them with proper focus. Though my trunk extensions stunk today – I think I was pretty wiped out at that point.

If I’m sore tmrw, I’ll know that a 3-day rest is probably ok for now.

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