P90X3 Pushup Bar PowerStands

P90X3 PowerStandsI believe a pushup is greatly improved by using some form of pushup bar. I’ve used bars, dumbbells and more.

If you used dumbbells, it’s harder if they’re round and can roll.

The Tony Horton PowerStands are good, but kinda $$$ and not really any better than something cheaper (unless the cheaper ones are poorly designed or weak – don’t get plastic).

Here’s some good, highly rated and much cheaper options:

p90x3pushupbardefinityDefinity HHP-001 Pair of Push Up Bars

– 4.5 stars

– Under $20 (at this time) shipped!


p90x3pushupbarperfectPerfect Pushup Elite – formerly Perfect V2 Pushup

– Also 4.5 stars,

– $30 (available for free shipping)

– They rotate to allow for adjustments and variation w/in a pushup


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