P90X3 Pull-Up / Chin-Up Bar (and Bands)

p90x3 pull-up - DVDIn all P90X schedule workouts (P90X, P90X2, P90X3, etc.), pull-ups/chin-ups are a factor – the right P90X3 pull-up bar is important. You’re going to do a lot of them… which is good. It’s very nice to be able to hold up your own weight. Feels good!

And you NEED a good P90X3 pull-up/chin-up bar to do them. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does need to be sturdy.

Also, allowing for WIDE pull-ups is often overlooked when you’re first buying your bar.

P90X3 Pull-Up Bar Recommendation

My recommendation is the ProSource Heavy Duty Easy Gym. It will serve you well for the whole P90X schedule.p90x3 pull-up

It mounts easy and allows for a variety of hand positions. The bar that rests on the doorway is wide, but you can’t put your hands there (well, you could but you’d crush your fingers).

Also, remember when buying a P90X3 pull-up bar, it will go on the ‘outside’ of the door. So if you’re going to put it in a closet doorway, you’ll be standing in the closet to do pull-ups.

p90x3 pull-up - bandsFor assist bands, there are a couple good options. There’s the P90X bands by BeachBody and for slightly cheaper there’s the Lifeline bands. Both have high ratings on Amazon.

These are great for helping you do pull-ups when your’e struggling. They help more at the bottom of the movement where you probably need it most unlike a chair.

Sometimes, I just hop at the bottom of the pull-up when I’m struggling – gives me a little leg workout too. 😉


Other P90X3 equipment suggestions.

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