P90X3 Creatine

p90x3 creatineI’ve used creatine off and on for a few years. I like Dymatize Creatine b/c I find their products tend to be more natural, higher quality and are consistent across the brand. Also, they tend to be moderately priced.

I started using when I did P90X. I get a good pump and extra ATP energy with it.

Also, it carries water (and therefore nutrients) to the muscles for faster/better recovery.

It’s one of the few ‘supplements’ I use and believe work.

Your body produces creatine so it’s a naturally occurring enzyme in your body. Taking extra supplements your body’s production.

However, if you take it too long, your body will recognize it doesn’t need to make as much and will slow production. Then if you stop using the supplement, it may take your body time to ramp back up.

For that reason, people suggest cycling on and off. For example, use creatine on odd months or similar.


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