Leviticus 9-11 – How Quickly We Fall



Almost as soon as the sacrifices were started with Aaron, his sons offer “strange fire” and die.

You’d think they’d be on a high from the whole thing getting started and just one version earlier God’s glory showed up in fire to the degree that everyone shouted and fell on their faces.

You’d think the effect of that wd last a little while (maybe it wasn’t too soon after – not sure, but it’s the next thing they write about so not too much cd have happened).

Why wd they do that? Lazy? Arrogant? Did they not believe God was serious? Did they not pay attention to the rules? Did they just want to do it their way (after God was so clear)?

People tend to “make it their own” and often in bad ways. In some cases, God is very clear about what to do and what not to do. In other cases, it’s up to us. It’s important to know the difference, but in all cases, we have the Holy Spirit (not that it means He’ll tell us what to order for dinner).

Also, we’re not under the Law like this anymore, but we can still approach Him w/o respect.

One big key thing is, know what is right. When you what’s right really well, it’s easier to see what’s wrong.

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