Leviticus 24-25 – Rest or Trust

agenda-4-1328012-mIn chapter 24 it talks about the lamp and bread and then a story about a guy who blasphemed “the Name” and they had to stone him. Serious business. What did he say? It says anyone who “curses his God” is to be stoned.

There’s no sacrifice for blasphemy.

In chapter 25 it talks about a Sabbath year every 7 years where you don’t sow or prune your fields. You still eat of it, but don’t work it. It might be good for the land (rest) and you (rest), but I think the bigger purpose is to trust God that despite not working, you’re provided for by Him.

Similarly, every 7 Sabbath years (49 years) you have a Year of Jubilee where you don’t work, but are still provided for.

It is time to rest in His provision and trust in Him. Recognize the giver.

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