Leviticus 22-23 Feasts/Festivals

Chapter 23 talks about the feasts and festivals throughout the year for the Israelites. Three in the Spring and three in the Fall. They include various sacrifices, rest, offerings, etc.

They would serve as great reminders and milestones during the year of what God did for them and how He provides and forgives. They were a perpetual statute for them and future generations would be taught about how God led them from Egypt, provided for them in the desert, brought them into the land. It would relate to them how He is holy and we need forgiveness.

Should we still practice these feasts/festivals? Not that we still need the Day of Atonement and sacrifices, but reminders of what God has done?

We have a “new sabbath”, Christmas and Easter as our new holidays. But should we also recognize these as part of what God has done?

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