Leviticus 14-15 – We’re Nasty

bugs-1208113-mChapter 14 is about cleansing for a leper – so detailed and thorough. If He takes it seriously, so sd we. Particularly cool is the sacrifice of the two birds: one dies and by the blood the other lives. Sound like any perfect God-Man you know?

Chapter 15 deals w/ some nasty “bodily discharges” – seminal, menstrual,… that might be it. I guess there’s only a handful.

It seems the point here is that: it’s nasty and you’re unclean for a while when it happens. Regardless of how it happens too – in v18 it says if a man “lies w/ a woman” – nothing weird or bad, but you’re unclean.

I think the point is that we’re lower than God. Period. Our bodies, our minds, disease, etc. – we can’t be clean in just everyday living. We need Him.

Of course, we’re meant to see we need Him permanently. Not just a sacrifice for everything at set times, over and over again. But our sacrifice isn’t good enough – we need Him to do it all for us.

Until then, we’re nasty.

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