Leviticus 12-13 – Lonely and Scared

walking-away-1418812-mChapter 11 started the section on ‘unclean’ rules. In 12 we see that giving birth makes someone unclean and they even have to get atonement thru offerings. Bringing a sinner into the world is dirty business.

Chapter 13 goes into determining leprosy. There weren’t doctors – priests did the inspecting. And so far there’s no treatment – just determining if they are unclean and how to handle that.

Also, they haven’t said anything about cause so it’s not like the person is evil or a sinner. But they do need to be separate – live outside the camp alone.

Wdn’t it be scary to go see the priest thinking you might be unclean? Scared you might have to go live outside the camp by yourself w/o your family or kids. I wonder if any spouse ever went with them to live outside the camp w/ them so they wdn’t be alone even though they were unclean.

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