Leviticus 1-3 – God Defines the Relationship

sing-a-new-song-2-1228667-mWe saw in Exodus how God designed the tabernacle, materials and priests’ garments. The form of how we approach Him. Now we see the process or technique in how we approach Him: offerings.

He still sets the process. He tells us how to behave and we need to listen. We need to respect Him and His instructions. Though we don’t have offerings in this way anymore, we still present ourselves and such to Him and we need to do it w/ reverence. He’s God.

But now we approach via His Son, so it doesn’t need to be in fear or thru a mediator.

These offerings (chapter 1-3) were voluntary and meant to be largely out of worship, praise and thanks. That’s how our praise and worship should be – glad, voluntary and our best to Him.

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