Kratos: Day 2

k2I did my second Kratos workout yesterday (first workout). It was tough – I felt I did a bit better w/ the form, but not much more in reps. That’s fine – I want to get it right.

It was a good workout – I was sweating and breathing heavy. I was about to get through it in about 15 mins. That was partly due to less time btwn moves, but also my form was better so I was fatiguing faster.

However, my main take-away from it was that I’m not sore today. I was very sore after the first one.

My gut (culmination of experience and knowledge) tells me it was too soon to workout again. It was 4 days.

I also suspect I wasn’t able to push through as many reps (or better, more Time Under Load), was b/c I hadn’t recovered enough.

I plan on going 5 days this time to see if that’s better.

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