Kratos: Day 1

k1Just finished day 1 of Kratos. I decided to go ahead and start since… I wanted to.

It was pretty rough… in a good way. I used a timer to shoot for 90 seconds and did about the right number of reps for the levels I was doing (see image).

I got slightly nauseous which I take as a good sign of exhausting the glycogen in my muscles.

It took about 20 mins or so which is a bit long, but good for the first one since I had to stop and check my form more w/ the book.

I added my weight, bicep and fat measurements as a starting point. I’ll probably only measure these every once in a while.

Good workout!

UPDATE: I was very sore after this workout. Mostly my back and calves. Here’s my post about Kratos: Day 2

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