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“Realize that you work for yourself, not for your boss.”

via Why You Should Treat Your Boss Like a Client | Fox Business.

I started thinking this way about 14 years ago – you’re a company of 1 (or your family size). Not being selfish, but looking out for my wife/family.

Too often people just accept the changes and restrictions a company puts on them – they move across the country, take lower benefits, work late/weekends. Why does only the company get to make changes to the agreement?

Sure, you can quit, but then what. And people wd say you’re crazy if you tried to change the agreement: I’m going to take 3 weeks vacation this year, I’m going to leave early, I want dental insurance.

Sure, they can fire you – and they probably wd. It’s like in gambling – you’re playing against the house… and the house always wins (eventually).

You can try to negotiate, but the faceless “legal” department or something won’t allow things to work that way. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against ‘the man’ or anything. But I do think too many people just accept it when the company changes their situation.

If they take a hit, they’ll lay you off. Nothing personal. But I think most people feel obligated morally to stick it out w/ a company and feel greedy or disloyal if they look around.

Maybe my age is showing here. Maybe ‘these days’ people are more likely to move around quickly and that’s why company’s need short-term things to attract them like ping-pong tables versus long-term like retirement.

I know many people who accepted a job offer and then got a better offer somewhere else but ‘they already accepted the offer.’ If the company that hired them suddenly lost money, they’d call them back and say ‘we have to rescind the offer, something changed.’

I literally know people who have packed up and moved across the country b/c of that only to, after a while, get that other job again to pack up and move back. They went thru several months if not over a year or two b/c they accepted that offer.

I love people being true to their word, but in some cases ‘business’ justifies changing things for the better… for both sides.

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