Who Killed the Electric Car? 2006 – 3/5

Who Killed the Electric Car? 2006 – 3/5

Man, this was a really good documentary. I assumed it was going to be really strong liberal propaganda against the corporate/gov’t, big-oil machine, but it didn’t really feel that way.

Sure, they placed a good portion of blame on them (and they deserve it) but it wasn’t just a bash-fest.

IMO, I think Alan Lloyd killed the electric car. Granted there were a lot of co-conspirators, but I’d say he pulled the trigger.

This is also another example of companies, organizations, gov’t, etc. coming out and saying “We’re going to do (insert good thing here).” And then later, very quietly, stopping it. I seem to remember that McD changed to paper bags for their Happy Meals for the good of the environment… and now the boxes are back (don’t they care about the environment anymore? No announcement about “Screw the environment – kids like boxes.”?).

Anyway, it’s pretty sad that, assuming it’s true and accurate, that electric vehicles were ditched for technology that will probably never prove reasonable (hydrogen fuel cells) and oil dependent solutions that aren’t as good in some senses.

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