Whip It 2009 – 4/5

Whip It 2009 – 4/5

Ellen Page is really good in this. I think she’s better in this than “Juno” which was one wittily worded comment after the next.

Drew Barrymore did a good job directing too – not too heavy handed.


I did have a little bit of a hard time buying this character as someone who wd go out for roller derby (want to? sure, but she probably wdn’t do it).

I also liked how her teammate sided a bit w/ the mom (as she was one too). It wasn’t like “parents are bad and don’t understand.”

More movies sd celebrate the “small dreams.” Not everything has to be “Rocky” with a earth changing goal. Nor does it have to be even permanent – this was just something she was doing for now, for fun and for her. Of course, being a teenager, she was a bit selfish – as she felt she had to be given her mom’s position.

In a similar vein, I liked how she broke it off w/ the boy. Not b/c she was 100% sure he cheated, but b/c she didn’t want to be the girl having to be convinced he wasn’t, etc. Great little side note there.

“Strap on some skates. Be your own hero.” 🙂

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