WALL-E (2008) – 4.5/5

WALL-E (2008)

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Another great animation film! I’d say this is even better than “Kung Fu Panda” and that was great. No only did this movie have pretty much all the same strengths as “Panda” (action, camera work, animation, characters, etc.), but it had a few things extra…

It varied the styles of animation w/o feeling “wrong.” It threaded aspects of the story so well that I just marveled. It expressed emotion in the characters very well… and they’re robots! And it did all this w/ almost NO dialog!

I love Pixar shorts for telling stories w/ no dialog and this movie does just about the same thing!


On Earth, the animation is more life-like and very well done, but on the ship, the people are more cartoony. I felt this contrast flowed well which is hard to imagine. Also, they even have a real human in a couple clips (Fred Willard) which also didn’t seem too harshly real. Well played, Pixar. Well played.

Haiku Summary
Wall-E is lonely.
Eva comes and finds a plant.
Fight for ships return.

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