Volver (2006/I) – 2.5/5

Volver (2006/I)

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I didn’t really get into this movie. I never really tied into the characters or the reality. This cd be a casualty of my method of watching it over multiple sittings??? But as things happened, I just watched and never bought into it.

It also felt disjointed: they’d drop storylines altogether and start new ones.

So what happened w/ the restaurant? What happened w/ the guy from the movie crew? What happened w/ the mother-daughter relationship and telling the daugher her father was also her grandfather? What about all that – it was kinda revealed and left. What about the friend w/ cancer? There seemed to be so much left undone which might be the point, but it didn’t seem to fit right.

Haiku Summary
Girl kills dad. Cover up.
Opens restaurant, mother
back to life. What the?

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