Vernon, Florida (1981) – 3/5

Vernon, Florida (1981)

They certainly did their job of making a documentary. They stayed out of the way as far as you can tell. However, if you look hard (maybe too hard), they might be doing something…

They basically establish the town’s residents as ignorant and backwards for the most part. I’m not saying they manipulated it, these people are what they are.

But then well into it, they have a pretty long segment on them sharing their religious beliefs – I can’t help but think that it is saying “dumb, backwards people are religious.” Again, I may be looking too hard.

Either way, I have to say their religious thoughts are pretty good. I especially liked the sermon which I was happy they showed so much of.

It has some comical points, but at the same time you feel guilty thinking it’s funny.


The “balls of brain” (writing “cat sh**” and “dog sh**” w/ each hand) and the “gopher” were two of the best parts.

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