Unknown (2006) – 2/5

Unknown (2006)

I wanted to like this movie b/c it has so many things that appeal to me: I hadn’t heard of it, good actors that I like, independent, low budget (at least that look’n’feel) and you are lost w/ the characters and learn as they do.

While I think the acting was good, I didn’t think the characters were fleshed out. It seemed like they tried, but I didn’t buy it. Maybe b/c I cdn’t rely on anything b/c their memories and development were questionable (more in spoilers).

The people in the warehouse seemed to be ‘going thru the motions’ and not really getting anywhere and the character development wasn’t effective.

The outside plot was unclear and also felt like fluff or ‘killing time’ until they cd get to the end and resolve things.

There’s a lot going for this,but ultimately I think it lacked heart and soul required for this kinda thing. Maybe it was the result of a quick shooting schedule since it is an indie type thing.


By the end, there were too many twists piled up on top of each other in rapid succession that it kinda lost the effect. He’s a good guy, no a bad guy, no an undercover cop, no a bad undercover cop, w/ a plot w/ the other guy’s wife, no ultimate a good guy, huh?

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