Trip/Vacation = Mini-Life

untitled-1445551-mI was packing the mini-van (yep!) tonight for our drive home tomorrow. We’ve been in Colorado for a month. It’s not a vacation – it’s living NOT in Texas heat for a month.

I started thinking “If I could do it over again, what would I do differently?” and it reminded me of the age-old writings of the woman who said she’d go barefoot earlier in the Spring, worry less, maybe have more real problems but a lot fewer imaginary ones, etc.

I thought the same thing about our time here. I’d worry less, enjoy more, spend more time with people and less stressing about what we eat and such.

Hindsight can be 20/20, but it can also be a bit rose-colored.

Let’s say I worried less about what we ate – if you say that about life in general, where would that get you. The same for other areas of life. It’s easy to say you’d worry less, but some might say that ‘worry’ was legit and kept you from problems, debt, etc.

After the fact, it might seem just like “worry” without value, but at the time, it was actual concern based on reality.

Anyway, I’d like to say that doing it over I’d do it differently. Ideally, yes, somethings could be better if for no other reason that nothing is perfect.

But if in doing it over I’d worry less, then I guess I should say that I should worry less now about it. 🙂

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