To Sum Up… Ricky Gervais


I wanted to create the blog I was looking for…

Interesting, short, funny (or at least link to funny stuff), Biblical (but not preachy) and interesting, but short and funny… like Ricky Gervais (5’8″ isn’t that short really).


I’m trying to focus on the main things I’m interested in:

Faith/Devotionals – thoughts and such as I read the Bible

Ramblings – thoughts and such as I live the life

Fitness/Food – my workout/diet as it evolves


Fun – gotta laugh



I read my Bible every day and typically I have a plan. A couple years ago I read thru the Bible chronologically. The next year I focused just on the Old Testament, then the New Testament. Lately I’ve been doing various reading plans from YouVersion on their iOS app.

Currently, I’m about to read thru the Bible using a wide-margin Bible and make notes as I go. I may do multiple passes w/ a different perspective each time (God’s love, His Plan, His Faithfulness, etc.). Ideally I’d like to do it multiple times w/ multiple Bibles and give the Bibles to my sons.


I often have a desire to express myself, but want to do it on my terms (not Facebook’s terms). I hope to keep it short and simple. Also, I hope to keep from fanning the flames of political and other divisive areas. There’s enough of that in this work and I’d like to keep the blog more inspirational than confrontational.


You can read about my fitness journey at I like to change up my workout… sorta. I like to have long-term goals and plans to reach them – but I change it a lot. Fortunately, that works to also keep it fresh.

My ‘bottom line’ point on fitness is: it’s 80% diet so concentrate your efforts accordingly. If you eat the right food (vegetables, lean protein some fruit and some whole grains) and amounts (probably less), you’re doing good. Be active. Keep your body moving. Get strong. But diet is the bulk of it. See for most of my info – this blog will cover things going forward.


Guys like high-tech toys. Also, I’m an iOS developer. I’ve been coding since I was 12 and wrote my first BASIC program (2 lines) on a TI-99/4a at Kmart. I’m not the ‘nerdiest gamer’ around, but I dig me some tech.


We all need distractions.

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