THX 1138 (1971) – 4/5

THX 1138 (1971)

I really liked this. I had seen it several years ago, but remembered very little. I think given the date it was made, it’s very well done. This time I watched the updated version that George Lucas added CGI to a few years ago. I think it helps, but nothing breath taking.

The story is captivating and I think it’s slow enough to let things sink in and you get a sense of the world they’re in.

It presents a lot of ideas and situations to you w/o really spoon feeding you the results and answers. A little bit more might be good – what happened? 🙂

I liked it, it meshed sci-fi w/ drama well w/ some good action in there too. But mostly b/c of the date and early time in Lucas’ career, I gave it a high mark.


What happened to LUH? You see the fetus in the jar w/ her name on it. Does that mean she’s dead? Does that mean there’s a new person w/ that name now b/c she’s dead and the new person is being grown in a jar?

Once THX is out, what happened? There wasn’t really anything there.

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