This Is the End (2013) – 3.5/5

This Is the End (2013) via This Is the End (2013).

Funny and witty and mostly what you’d expect from this cast. If you like their other stuff, you’ll probably like this.

It’s the end of the world and these guys are true to form as to how they’d handle the horror that unfolds.

While it’s borderline blasphemous (if not full blown), honestly I’d say that’s a technicality when held up against some of the other movies coming out today.

In fact, they do a fair job of recognizing the One behind it all, the reasons their in this mess and wanting go get to Heaven.

But there’s tons of cussing so if you have sensitive ears, beware.

A lot of it is pretty funny if you like their style – the reactions, twists, cameos, etc. are spot on their humor.


When Danny is about to leave and is handed the gun only to try to shot them all – that’s pretty great. Also, him being the cannibalistic gang-leader towards the end is good. They all have their moments and it works much of the time.

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