There Will Be Blood (2007) – 4/5

There Will Be Blood (2007)

While I think this movie was really good, I think it might be just a big overrated. That’s the problem w/ seeing movies after the hype.

Daniel Day-Lewis was amazing. I’m continually impressed w/ him. The movie was large in scale and I’m glad I saw it on the big screen. The first 15 mins w/o dialog was awesome!


There was a strong ‘hypocritical’ sense to this movie in that the characters were forced to sell-out for something they wanted: $. Plainview admitted he was a sinner, needed Jesus and that he abandoned his son in order to secure rights to land for a pipeline.

Ironically, it wasn’t his son and he claimed later that he only kept the boy to have a pretty face for making his sales pitch. When the son returned in one scene and Daniel hugged him a lot, I have to believe it only did him good b/c he felt Eli cdn’t condemn him anymore???

Eli also sold out and for nothing which was great. The climax of Daniel killing Eli was pretty powerful: he destroyed Eli in every way.

Haiku Summary
Man finds oil and buys
land for more. He squares off with
Eli. There is blood.

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