The Wrestler (2008) – 4.5/5

The Wrestler (2008) – 4.5/5

Great story and characters and solid acting.


The main (somewhat obvious) comparison is btwn this and “The Passion of the Christ” (which is mentioned in the movie). The comment being something like “they beat the crap out of him for 2 hours and he just takes it.” To which the response is “tough dude.”

Of course, Randy is “the Christ” in this story and he sacrifices his body and life for those he loves. Even unto death. Unfortunately, the motivation is questionable as far as does he do it b/c he loves them, or so that they will love him, or b/c it’s all he knows, etc.???

Like Christ on the cross being apart from His Father for the first time, Randy doesn’t want to be alone, as he tells he daughter. Great scene.

Also, I really, really liked the scenes of him behind the deli counter… he has a different role, personality and even name (Robin). He interacts and serves the people and loves them, they love him and he really enjoys it. He just lights up and entertains while serving. So great.

But then, when it’s not going so good and someone points out his real identity, he explodes into “The Ram”, jamming his finger into the blade, spreading blood on his face (just like he did in the ring earlier), hitting, throwing, yelling, etc. He can’t escape it. Almost as if he was saying “if it’s your will, let this cup pass from me, but not my will but thine be done.” Maybe.

His relationship w/ Cassidy/Pam (the Mary Magdalene of the story) is great too.

Great movie.

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