The Razor’s Edge (1984) – 5/5

The Razor’s Edge (1984) – 5/5

I hadn’t seen this movie in several years, but still really like it though I see some things differently now.

The only thing that I think I hadn’t noticed so much before is the telegraphing of upcoming events:

Billy: “I sure do love my dog. I’d hate for anything to happen to him.”

Man: “Whose dog did I just hit?”

Other than that, I think it’s a great movie.


Larry Darrell kinda states 2 things at the end that seem to (suppose to) be the “message”:

– “There’s no payoff.” He felt he had to live a full life b/c Piedmont died and that he was given a second chance. Also, that Sophie was his reward for living well, but there’s no payoff.

– “It just doesn’t matter.” This one I wdn’t put too much weight on, but when Isabel asked ifwhen she’d see him again, he says “You just don’t get it. It just doesn’t matter.” So…

I think what appeals to me most about this movie is the quest for a “full life.” Often times in movies, that results in travel and such for the character. That’s fine, but it’s the attitude that I like so much. Like in “The Graduate” when he says he wants his life to be…. different.

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