The Namesake (2006) – 3/5

The Namesake (2006). – 3/5

I’m glad I went to the ‘whole numbers only’ form of reviews, but it makes it tough at times. Also, again, not sure why this got on my queue. 🙂

I thought the story of this movie wasn’t “incredible” but the details were. For one thing, it’s a “normal” life – nothing crazy, over-the-top, etc. By the end, I felt like I knew these people, like I spent years and years getting to know them and their kids, etc.

So the story itself didn’t do too much for me, but there was beauty in that simplicity… the ordinary.

After the movie I thought it was good, but a bit under-whelming. However, throughout the day, I kept thinking about these people/characters like old friends. And how well they built these characters and while it spanned more than a couple decades.

Then I wondered, if they did that well, what did I miss from the story.


What I came up w/ was that they showed how generations pass on to the next. How what’s traditional and normal to one generation is old-fashioned to the next. But then how that same next generation grows into their own traditional which carries w/ it parts of the past generation’s culture.

It’s the thesis->anti-thesis->synthesis model.

I think it’s dangerous in what you can do or come out w/ from those things. In other words, what a person embraces as truth is not always good. However, I do think that each generation sd look at the past w/ respect even if they don’t (at first) accept it.

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