The Mist (2007) – 3/5

The Mist (2007)

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Decent for a B movie so I hope that’s what they were going for. You have to look past some things in the usual vein: they wdn’t do that, why are they so stupid, shut her up, etc.

Of course they have the obligatory whacko Christian weirdo to call down fire and brimstone. It’s a cliche that never gets old… or was never new???

The intensity is pretty good and the premise and stuff is cool, but it doesn’t play out quite right. There’s too many caveats and such to really pull it off.

It had about as good of an ending as “The Last American Virgin” in a sense. Terribly sad, but painfully ironic. If I was able to take this movie more seriously, it wd have been a horrific ending. But since I found it rather silly and mostly a “high production B movie,” I was able to take it in stride.

Haiku Summary:
Storm. Mist. Death. What is
it? Monsters. Big ones. Leave or
die. Leave. Most die. Saved.

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