The Last American Virgin (1982)

The Last American Virgin (1982)

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This movie was recommended to me b/c it sets itself apart from what you’d expect… and it does. The premise is a somewhat shy (virgin) boy and his friends are trying to get w/ girls like teenagers dream about. However, the main character meets a girl new to town and falls for her. I’ll stop there for the non-spoiler types, but seriously, are you really going to see this movie? Keep reading.

Unfortunately, she falls for the boy’s “too cool” friend. She gets pregnant and the cool guy dumps her. She gets an abortion and is helped by, Gary, the shy boy. They spend a few days together while she recovers and he’s in heaven and thinks she’s really fallen for him too.

He goes to her b-day party w/ a new locked inscribed and everything only to walk in her and Mr. Cool making out in the kitchen. Looks are exchanged, but no words. Gary takes off, drives away crying and… credits! Ouch!

I think the lesson here is: you might meet someone you really like and if you’re good, you’ll get close to them, but ultimately you’ll be driving away alone crying. Yikes! It’s a pretty harsh reality.

Haiku Summary:
Boy meets girl. Girl digs
boy’s friend. Girls has trouble. Boy
helps. Hope. Pain. Credits.

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