The King of Kong (2007) – 5/5

The King of Kong (2007)

If I had waited for my top movies from 2007 (released in 2007, not watched), this wd be up there near the top.

Awesome! I have to give some credit to the documentary makers here, but I think the material they had to work w/ was gold.

Billy Mitchell is Darth Vader’s equivalent in this reality. So great. Editing does a lot, but anyone saying the things he says… wow.

And Steve Weibe – you just can’t help but pull for this lovable loser.

Be sure to watch some of the extra material if you get this for more updates about what happened after the filming…. they’re still going!

Next: “The Secret of NIMH”

Haiku Summary
Steve beats high score on
tape. Not good enough for Bill.
Bill evades. So great!

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