The Desire Gospel


I’ve been hearing more and more sermons/podcasts on “do what you want” thoughts. I love this idea – that God is not up in Heaven hoping we’ll ask what to do or watching to see if we’ll behave.

He loves us and wants what’s best for us… even more than we do ourselves. And like we do with our own children, He wants to know what excites us and what we’re passionate about.

I’ve heard it put this way: if you’re walking with God and obeying what we’re called to obey, then do what you want! Meaning, if you’re trying to decide what job to take or what house to buy or similar decisions, if you’re in the Word and walking strong, pick the one you want. It applies to areas where there’s no defined right or wrong.

The further thought is that God gives us our desires much of the time (Psalms 37:4). He created us as creatures with desires. The goal is not mystical removal of all wants.

However, my fear is that soon someone will take this thought too far and preach that as children of God, we can do whatever we want. It sounds so good and easy and someone is going to latch on to this and gain a strong following with it, I fear.

I’m calling it the Desire Gospel.

How easy would it be to justify any decision if your pastor told you God wants your desires too. Without the caveats, you can justify anything with it. If it feels good, do it.

I wonder if that’s how the Prosperity Gospel got it’s start?

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