The Cider House Rules (1999) – 3/5

The Cider House Rules (1999)

Well done and original, but a big heavy handed (not as bad as “Million Dollar Baby” though) about abortion at times.

There’s a good story and acting and powerful subjects in here, but it’s easy to see what side “they” are on.


Mr. Rose’s speech about the “rules” pretty much gives it all away.

They outrageous, them rules. Who live in this cider house? Who grindin’ up those apples, pressin’ that cider, cleanin’ up all this mess? Who just plain live here, just breathin’ in that vinegar? Well, someone who don’t live here made those rules. Those rules ain’t for us. We are supposed to make our own rules. And we do. Every single day.

Then he has Homer burn the rules… just like the aborted babies including Mr. Rose’s baby from his own daughter. Does burning something make it really “go away”?

Consider the possibility that someone who maybe knows more than you wrote those rules.

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