The Butterfly Effect (2004) – 2.5/5

The Butterfly Effect (2004)

This movie is tough to get a handle on. I watched the director’s cut which was recommended to me.

I really liked the idea and story, but it wasn’t put together very well. A lot of the directing and writing seemed to come from the mind of a junior high student: pretty cliche, unbelievable and unjustifiable.


Anything w/ a “time travel” type idea is cool to me so that helps, but that’s about all this had: change something in the past and everything changes. Like “Sliding Doors” and other movies that show different possible timelines.

I usually rather a movie not explain the technical stuff b/c that just gives you a chance to disagree. However, in this case: how did reliving thoughts allow him to time travel?

There were so many shots that were just cliche like walking thru the halls of the institution w/ “crazy people” walking around and the different punk/goth students and frat boys, etc. It was just distracting.

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