The Aviator (2004) – 4/5

The Aviator (2004)

Great acting. Blanchett, Alda and DiCaprio are at their best in my opinion. Unfortunately, it’s hard for me to see DiCaprio as anything other than a babyface, but he came close and everything else was very impressive: his expressions, stance and mannerisms, voice (though maybe a little thin), etc. He was as good as he cd be and much better than most.

I loved the way Scorsese modeled the filming of the periods as they wd have looked during those years. Some scenes have the ‘off’ coloring as it wd have been filmed back then. Great device.

I wdn’t say this movie is very ‘informative’ or gives a lot of answers yet it isn’t close to a documentary either. It’s a great blend of truth and artistic interpretation/storytelling as a biopic probably sd be.

I’m intrigued by Hughes so I enjoyed it on that level too.

And while I’d love to learn more about what happened after the movies timeline, I’ve seen enough on it to know that we don’t really know it all clearly. So I’m glad they didn’t even get into it.

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