Sunshine (2007) – 3.5/5

Sunshine (2007) – 3.5/5

I think my expectations were a bit high based on the director and sci-fi. And while it was good in a lot of ways, it fell short in just a couple.


One thing that bothered me, and I know this is silly, but the physics of the space travel bugged me. They wd have to be traveling amazingly fast to reach those distances w/in a reasonable amount of time yet the ship was able to slowdown, dock, etc.

Also, the somewhat cliche storyline that I know I’ve seen before where they get into deep space and people start going crazy. I’m pretty sure I’ve even seen the case where they find the “previous ship” and everyone’s dead, one guy’s still alive and crazy, etc. Though this one somehow added the twist that the completely fried guy is somehow still alive and has superhuman strength??? What?

The one “don’t go in there” moment was when Icarus told Cada there was a 5th crew member. I wd be so scared! Yet he makes a bee-line to the guy and doesn’t think to tell any other crew members? This reminds me of the thing in “28 weeks later…” w/ no guard on the only possible immune person.

I just have to chalk that kinda thing up to poor writing. I’d think in 15 mins you cd come up w/ a really good scenario why it wd happen.

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